I'm not sure what everyone else thought of the Marvel Legends announcements coming out of San Diego Comic Con 2019 but I could not be more hyped for Hasbro to take us back to X-Men's "Age of Apocalypse".

As a bit of a refresher the Age of Apocalypse debuted in 1995 in a story line that flipped everything we knew about the X-Men completely on its head. Legion goes back in time to kill Magneto and ends up killing his father, Charles Xavier instead. Setting off a course of events that lead to Apocalypse debuting 10 years before he originally did and with no one to oppose him, he takes over the world. In present time the X-Men are lead by Magneto and the membership is nothing like you would think it to be. Hasbro announced 3 figures so far with more to come, announced so far is Weapon X (Obviously Wolverine), X-Man (Pretty much Cable) and Morph.....


Here are the characters I'd love to see fill out this wave along with a couple X-tras

Cyclops is a member of the EMF and working for Apocalypse in the breading pens of Mr. Sinister

Jean is working with Weapon X and the X-Men. Hasbro teased a figure for her years ago so this one shouldn't be to hard.

Dark Beast was the head scientist working for Mr. Sinister. With this figure you could easily reuse the regular Beast body but include a lab coat and if they wanted to be awesome they could include a new scientific head for the blue Beast as well.

Hasbro released this Sunfire very early in their time with Marvel Legends as a ToyFair exclusive so not only is it not great it's also pretty hard to find.

Apocalypse himself would have to be the Build a Figure, He's 100% necessary and the scale of the last Apocalypse BAF would be perfect 

Sabertooth and Wildchild would be great as either a two pack or maybe a deluxe release similar to Archangel. You can't redo the Weapon X figure that Toybiz gave us all those years ago and not redo Sabertooth as well.

Lets keep the Love Triangle three pack theme going with Magneto, Rogue (they have a baby together named Charles) and Gambit. They are main characters in the story, all of their attires are different enough that you want them but also simple enough to keep costs down. Which I think is the key for balancing a good three pack. 


Not only is this Nightcrawler an escapee from the Age of Apocalypse he's also a member of Uncanny X-Force and I love when I can fill two holes in my collection at once.

If Hasbro can deliver anything close to my wishlist here they'll complete a team that I've personally wanted for years but never thought could be possible but it has to happen right? I mean they announced Morph so all bets are off!